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The Lundby

Do you like the background color of this page? I certainly don't. I did, however, like the colors orange and dark green and purple a lot back in the late 60s and 70s. You saw these colors in practically every household here in The Netherlands. Even the pots and pans often were in orange/white. It was in 1978 when I got this Lundby house.It is originally from Sweden. First the 2 story building and later the part underneath, with the large basement. The red doors lead to the stables, where there is room for 2 horses. I put a car and 1 horse in there. The house has lighting with the typical lamps of those years. Most people had about the same wall unit in their living room:a large BROWN one filled with lots of books and a space for wine glasses behind glass windows. The kitchen- cupboards often had orange doors and even the fridge was in an orange or dark green color. My dollhouse fridge was orange/red. I will add more pictures about this Lundby house within the next weeks. Separate pictures will be on this page of: the furniture,lamps and other items that belong to the Lundby house. These pictures were taken in 1978 and I didn't have a great camera at that time, so the quality of the pictures is a bit poor. Still, I hope you will enjoy them!

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The Lundby

#1)Master Bedroom: (top left on main photo) with blue tiffany lamp. Even the balcony has a great brown/beige flooring.

#2)Basement:with the orange lamps, parket flooring and flag-stones in the hall. There is also a grand piano here. The crib is also a Lundby. This house has beautiful doors and windows in the rooms.
#3)Kitchen: again lots of orange and red. even the dishwasher is orange. The little pots and pans were filled with food such as vegetables and potatoes! Kitchen, dining and livingroom have a balcony. Unfortunately the white color of it has turned in a more or less beige color during the past 20 years.
#4)Living Room:large wall unit which was very popular back then. It has a glass show case.There is a yellow telephone and an orange tv. Also a record player with records.

20 years later:MORE pictures!

empty, ready for the new inhabitants!

right side of the Lundby house with the back door

the garage doors

the stable /garage even has a (red) back door

the room left from the stable/garage was used as a laundry room

even the horse is an original "Lundby"

hall upstairs leading to the bathroom, which even has a medicine cupboard with lighting!

before you go downstairs don't forget to switch on the light at your right, as this house has a real powerswitch there!

master bedroom (top left) with doors leading to the balcony/terrace

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