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MUSIC: Amsterdam Canals-song
title: Aan De Amsterdamse Grachten

Welcome To Wilga's

Leather Goods Boutique

please take the time to visit all 3 FLOORS to see the complete collection.


The items on the pictures in my Leather Goods Boutique (3 floors) are in 1" scale.

The average width of my leather and suede purses as shown here is just over 1 inch. I use 1mm thin leather. All items are handmade.

This suitcase is made of red leather and red/flower print leather and is also available in green. The inside has a pretty Laura Ashley fabric for lining in a matching color.


#6 weekend bag with embroidery

#7 backpack for children in various colors
Click here to VISIT THE SHOE SHOP NEXT DOOR for matching shoes!

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Teken je mijn gastenboek? Zou ik erg leuk vinden!(to sign)

Hier kun je Wilga's gastenboek bekijken.(to read)

Wilga van den Wijngaart
My Own Miniatures - 1998