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Well, here she is, my dollhouse Pippi Longstocking! What is that, you're saying? Oh, her shoes! You're right, I forgot those. I'll be making those later but first I'll show you......

Mister Nilsson, Pippi's little monkey!
It was not easy making this little fellow as he just wouldn't sit still!

Pippi was so impatient; she wanted to try on her scrubbing brushes first! Remember that she cleaned the floor that way? After she's taken a bath in the tub, she then tips over the wash tub and then, while skating around she scrubs the floor!!

All Pippi's clothes including shoes can be taken off. Pippi will get some extra sets of clothes. She needs to take her shoes off in order to clean the floor with her scrubbing brushes.
I am glad Pippi loves her shoes. They are made of a sturdy leather. I made them way too big like she asked me to. "I need to wobble my toes", she said.

Pippi has all sorts of shoes!

Here Pippi is fast asleep in her bed made of oakwood. I needed to take some pictures of the bed from the video tape to design it like an old fashioned bedstead. You probably remember that she slept with her feet (shoes) on the pillow)

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