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When Astrid Lindgren's book on Pippi Longstocking was published and translated in Dutch I couldn't get enough of all Pippi's adventures. Being a child at the time I admired her independence and the fact that she had no parents around to tell her what to do. ( her mother was an angel in Heaven and her father was king of an island in the South Sea, as you will probably know) Some years later I watched the Pippi videos-there were eight of them- and all stories came to life. One day I felt it was time that I would try to bring Pippi into my dollhouse world: a 1" Pippi would come to life. I would give her her monkey, her horse and her villa.
But first I have to start making a Pippi! I'll put pictures here on the internet of the making of this girl. That way I can show you how she comes to life.......

My 1" Pippi has been in my fantasy only, so far.... Now I have to sculpt her, wig her, dress her and give her that typical Pippi expression.

I tried to do her legs in a way so that they are slightly bent. Pippi needs bent legs to be able to sit, skate around etc. Both legs and arms must be very movable. I'll need pipe cleaners for that.

Pippi's arms should be smooth and soft looking. Her left hand needs to hold a frying pan ( to bake those pancakes!)

Now to join all parts together. Don't you worry; she'll be all right as soon as I have done her make-up, hair, clothes etc.

I am not a good seamstress but let me just experiment with these pieces of fabric. Pippi needs a dress, an apron and of course those stockings and garters.

I used the devise with the crocodile clips to hold the hair that is going to be her wig with braids. The left side has been done. Next I will braid the right side. Also on the picture: the make-up kit!